J.Philip kistler, MD
소속: Proffesor of Nerology Havard Medical School, USA
학회활동: 창립총회 특강
"Pathophysiologic diagnosis of TIA & stroke"
회원인준: 1998.12.1
Louis R. Caplan
소속: Professor of Neurology Harvard Medical School, USA
학회활동: 월례집담회 특강
"Recent stroke therpy efficacy and controversy"
회원인준: 1999.9.14
Fumio Gotoh
소속: President of International Stroke Society, Japan
학회활동: 학술대회 특강
"Treatment of Stroke:OLD and NEW"
회원인준: 1999.11.26
Kotaro Tanaka
소속: Profesor of Nerology keio University of Medicine, Japan
학회활동: 학술대회 특강
"Role of nitric oxide in ischemic brain damage"
회원인준: 2000.5.26
Vladimir Hachinski
소속: Professor of Neurology Western Ontario University, Canada
학회활동: 학술대회 특강
"Vascular Dementia : The need for a new approach"
회원인준: 2000.11.22
Kazuo Minematsu
소속: National Cardiovascular Center, JAPAN
학회활동: 학술대회 특강
"Functional Neuroimaging study in Acute stroke"
회원인준: 2001.11.21
John Hallenbeck
소속: Senior investigator NINDS, USA
학회활동: 학술대회 특강
"Mucosal tolerization with E-selection for the prevention of stroke"
회원인준: 2002.5.24
Masatoshi Fujishima
소속: Professor of Neurology of Kyushu University, Japan
학회활동: 한.일 뇌졸중학회 특강
"Change in stroke incidence, otality and risk factors in Japanese population"
회원인준: 2002.11.28
In Sup Choi
소속: Dept of Interventional Neuroradiology Lahey Clinic Medical Center, U.S.A
Professor of Radiology, Tufts University School of Medicine
학회활동: 학술대회 특강
"Intraaterial thrombolysis in acute ischemic stroke"
회원인준: 2003.5.30
Tohru Sawada
소속: National Cardiovascular Center, Osaka, Japan
학회활동: 학술대회 특강
"Concept of Vascular Dementia Vascular cognitive Impairment"
회원인준: 2003.11.27
Steven Warach
소속: Professor of Neurology Washington Hospital Center, USA
"Stroke Therapies through the use of imaging surrogate markers"
회원인준: 2004.5.28
Randall T.Higasida
소속: Clinical Prof.of Radiology and Neurosurgery University of California,
San Francisco Medical Center, USA
"Advances of Acute Stroke Therapy"
회원인준: 2004.11.5
Dae Shik Kim
소속: Associate Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology Director Center for Biomedical Imaging
Boston Univ.US
"Functonal MRI and DTI for the study of neural Plasticity"
회원인준: 2005.5.19
Gene Sung MD , MPH
소속: Director, Neurocritical Care and Stroke Program University of Southern California
학회활동: 학술대회 특강
"The Changing Organization of Stroke units in the US"
회원인준: 2005.11.25
Philip Gorelick
소속: University of Illinois, Chicago, USA
학회활동: 학술대회 특강
"Race/Ethnic Differences in Stroke: Distribution of Occlusive Disease, Cause,
               and Prevention/Treatment"

회원인준: 2006.05.26
Yamaguchi Takenori
소속:National Cardiovascular Center, Osaka, Japan
학회활동: 학술대회 특강
"Treatment of acute ischemic stroke - One year experience of thrombolytic therapy
               in Japan"

회원인준: 2007.05.18
Edward M Manno M.D
소속: Mayo Clinic, USA
학회활동: 학술대회 특강
"The management of large hemispheric cerebral infarcts"
회원인준: 2007.9.15
Koji Abe
소속: Okayama University, Japan
학회활동: 학술대회 특강
"Neuroprotection and neuroregeneration for ischemic brain injury"
회원인준: 2010.05.15
Markku Kaste
소속: University of Helsinki, Finland
학회활동: 학술대회 특강
"Risk factors and primary prevention of stroke"
회원인준: 2011.05.14
Michael D. Hill
소속:University of Calgary, Canada
학회활동: 학술대회 특강
"Acute endovascular stroke therapy: ESCAPE and other interventional trials"
회원인준: 2014.05.17
Cheryl D. Bushnell
소속:Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, USA
학회활동: 학술대회 특강
"Sex Differences on Stroke Risk and Quality of Life After Stroke"
회원인준: 2015.05.09
Bruce Ovbiagele
소속: Medical University of South Carolina
학회활동: 학술대회 특강
"Smoking and stroke outcomes: Clearing the air "